About Infinit Denim

Infinit Denim was born out of a need. An internal call to transform the fashion industry and to do it from its origin: the material. A team of women united to do what appears to be the most reasonable thing: to take advantage of the fibers and fabrics contained in the garments we have already worn to create them an ew. It is as simple as imitating what nature has been doing since its beginnings: introducing "dead" materials into a new cycle, transforming them into "nutrients". 


Under this idea Infinit Denim was born; a circular dream that goes beyond the limits of design and materials and refers to a way of understanding the textile universe at a social, cultural and human level

We still have a long way to go, but thanks to you and your trust we can continue working to improve day by day.


Nuria Nubiola, 21/02/2023 . Founder Infinit Denim.






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